A technology-based enterprise specializing in welding, cutting, and comprehensive applications

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Full digital ultra-low splash MIG/MAG welding machine

Renewal of ultra-low welding spatter technology using newly developed high-precision waveform control technology

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As one of the fastest robots in the industry

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Full digital AC and DC TIG welding machine

Multiple waveform control to achieve high-quality welding of aluminum and various materials

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SINCE 1996

A technology-oriented enterprise specializing in welding, cutting, and comprehensive applications,

30 Year

Technology R&D

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A technology-oriented enterprise specializing in welding, cutting, and comprehensive applications, it is a major sales enterprise of welding, cutting equipment, welding and cutting accessories, and welding materials products in Fujian.

Xiamen Songxing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in September 1996, located at No. 897, Jinlong Road, Jimei, Xiamen City, with a registered capital of 8 million yuan. It is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in welding, cutting, and comprehensive applications, and is a major sales enterprise of welding, cutting equipment, welding cutting parts, and welding materials products in Fujian.



Since its establishment, the company has been committed to "providing customers with overall solutions for welding and cutting", adhering to the sales service concept of "service precedes sales". It has been consistently praised by many large domestic enterprises such as Xiamen Engineering, Xiamen Ship, Jinlong, Rishang, Linde, and effectively promoting the rapid development of the application of welding and cutting industry in Fujian.



The company adheres to the working style of "dedication, rigor, innovation, and passion", the business philosophy of "social responsibility, team spirit, and personal value", and the corporate purpose of promoting the development of modern manufacturing technology with high-tech (robot technology), and is committed to becoming a domestic supplier and service provider of welding and cutting products.


After-sale service



As a domestic quality welding comprehensive product supplier, we are committed to creating value for customers through high-quality technology and high-quality service. To provide users who purchase Panasonic welding equipment with "peace of mind" and "rest assured" services.

To make users satisfied with high quality is our constant pursuit.



President Evergreen visited Tangshan Panasonic

On June 16, 2017, President Shusaku Everei of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., accompanied by Yoko Sadaaki, Chairman of Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. and General Representative of China and North East Asia, visited Tangshan Panasonic. Honorary Chairman Liu Baocheng, Chairman Du Xianping, and General Manager Keiji Iketani reported the company's development overview to Evergreen Chairman through the company introduction video and PPT materials. After that, Chairman Evergreen visited the company's exhibition hall, welding technology application center, electric welding machine workshop, robot workshop and system workshop. Chairman Liu Mingyu said: "Tangshan Panasonic has been established for more than 20 years, and I have received great guidance and help from Panasonic and Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. I am very grateful for this! Before that, the former president of Panasonic Tanii was in charge of Sino-Japanese trade. The visit of the president of the Promotion Association, several visits by the vice president of Shaode, the visit of the president of Tsuga, the visit of the vice president of Yamada, and the visit of the president of Evergreen today are all encouragement and encouragement to us. Tangshan Panasonic’s growth and The development has benefited from two important factors, one is the cooperative relationship of mutual trust between the two parties of the joint venture, and the other is the establishment of a localized operating policy and system. In the future, we will continue to work hard to maintain a leading position in China's welding industry." Chairman Evergreen hopes that Tangshan Panasonic will continue to work hard to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of robotic systems and other businesses, and further strengthen Tangshan Panasonic's business system.
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How Panasonic robot welding work is done

Program generation: The program of the welding robot needs to be generated through teaching, which will first generate a new program structure. The robot is taught through the teaching box. During teaching, the robot moves according to the specified coordinates or joints under the control of the axis operation keys of the teaching box. The robot moves to the required target point under the operation of the operator. When it is determined that the teaching point is valid, the manipulator Generate motion commands, and record the orientation data of each axis at that time as the relevant orientation data of the corresponding motion commands in the program. At this moment, only need to record the positions of each joint, and then the corresponding coordinate values of the robot in other azimuth coordinates can be calculated. The program generated by teaching usually needs to go through a trial run to check and debug the program. Especially for arc welding procedures, the various process parameters and action methods usually need to be debugged many times and repeatedly to obtain good results. Operation of the program: The industrial welding robot runs the program generated by teaching, which is called the reproduction of the program. When reproducing, you can choose single-step, single-cycle, continuous active and other cycle modes. Robots have production methods such as continuous production of a single type, rotation of multiple types, and random production of different types, so there are various ways to start programs. For example, a single type can use the program cycle or repeat to start the program, multiple types of rotation can be called by the program program or specified start, different types of geotextiles can be started through the specified program or automatic workpiece identification, etc., and the specified program artificial turf program can also be Divided into specified condition call and direct specified launch, the primary basis for selecting various launch methods



Robot Operating Procedures

(1) Robot power transmission procedure: first close the air switch, then turn on the power of the robot transformer. Turn on the button, then turn on the welding power switch, and finally unscrew the power of the robot control cabinet. (2) Robot power-off procedure: first turn off the power of the robot control cabinet, then turn off the welding power switch, then cut off the power of the robot transformer, and finally pull down the air switch. (3) After the robot control cabinet is powered on, it takes a certain amount of time for the system to start (data transmission), and the operation should be performed after the display screen of the teach pendant enters the operation interface. (4) Before operating the robot, all personnel should retreat to a safe area (beyond the security line).



Safe use of welding robots

(1) During the teaching process, hold the teaching pendant in your hand at all times, and do not place it randomly. Put your left glove into the strap to avoid dropping it by accident. The cable should be placed in a position that is not easy to step on. Do not pull it hard during use, and leave a loose length. (2) The robot has pre-set some operating data and programs from the perspective of operator safety. Beginners should not enter these menus to make changes without permission, so as to avoid danger. operate. (3) If the robot encounters a dangerous situation during the operation, the emergency brake switch should be pressed in time to stop the robot to avoid personal injury or damage to objects. (4) After the program is compiled, use the tracking operation to run the program once, modify the track points line by line, check the walking track and various parameters are correct, unscrew the valve of the protective gas cylinder, and then press the light on the teaching pendant. Gas detection icon, adjust the flow meter without recognition result, generally at 15L/min, close the gas detection, and move the cursor to the starting point of the program. (5) Before welding, hang up the teach pendant, turn the key to the "Auto" side, turn on the smoke and dust removal equipment, and press the start button of the robot. When observing the arc, you should hold the mask to avoid being burned by the arc light due to naked eyes or exposed skin. If you find any abnormal welding, you should immediately press the stop button and make a record. (6) After finishing the operation, turn the key of the mode switch to the "Teach" side, turn off the dust collector equipment, turn off the gas valve on the protective gas cylinder, release the residual gas in the air pipe, return the robot to zero position, and exit the display. Teach the program, then turn off the power as required, arrange the control cables of the teach pendant, hang the teach pendant at the designated position, and leave after finishing the site.