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Digital Carrier Inverter Control CO2/MAG Welder YD-500EL3

Keywords: welding and cutting equipment, robotic systems, welding materials



  • Product Description
  • The welding performance of the EL3 flux-cored wire has been further upgraded, and the ability to weld with small currents has been optimized.

    At the end of welding, you can choose the pulse backfire method to effectively eliminate the molten ball at the end of the welding wire, avoid sticking to the wire, and ensure the smooth arc initiation of the next welding. The electrical components and circuit boards of the power supply and wire feeding device are anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and dust-proof, which are suitable for harsh environments such as steel structures and shipyards, with 100% load rate and ±25% ability to resist external power fluctuations.

    The two-way carrier technology is used with the newly developed carrier wire feeding device 50CA3 to achieve two-way communication on the original single carrier line.

    The EL3 expands with IOT2.0 module, and the wire feeder is equipped with a full-featured remote control, which can be used to observe and set welding parameters and swipe the card at hand


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